Men’s Body, Intimate, Balls & Penis Wash - PH Balanced & Antibacterial

Soap Wash That Naturally Cleans, Soothes & Moisturises – Great as a Jock Itch Treatment!

Have you been looking after your twig and berries? A PH balanced body and intimate (penis and ball) wash for men backed with nature’s most powerful cleansers and moisturisers. Lather yourself up from top to toe. Tea tree oil, aloe vera and peppermint oil are the triple threat (and not-so secret ingredients). Remove tough dirt, restore balance, and moisturise. Antibacterial properties in the soap relieve itchiness, odour, and bacteria. This body wash soothes jock itch and anti-chafing. Give your body the treatment it deserves! The boys will smell and feel fantastic all day. 

Intimate Wash For Men: Give Your Body and Balls What They Deserve

Jock itch, odour and sweat are uncomfortable. Fellas, it is time to rejuvenate your entire body and level up your shower regime. Our body and soap wash is specifically formulated to combat odour, bacteria, chafing and itchiness. 

It smells great as well! You won’t get out of the shower smelling like a dandelion or like you just drenched yourself in toilet cologne (YUK). Our body wash smells clean and fresh without being overpowering. 

  • A Thorough Cleanse: Wash away dirt, dust, and grime. Let your body breathe. 
  • Restore Your Bits: Balance the PH on your body and in your groin and intimate areas. A balanced PH prevents odour, itchiness, and outbreaks. 
  • Anti-chafing and Itching: Key ingredients work together to soothe, helping to reduce chafing and jock itch. 
  • Free of Nasties: No sulphates, parabens, or artificial fragrances. These are the nasties that cause skin irritation and throw out your PH balance.
  • She Will Like It Too: Not only will you feel better, but she will also love your renewed confidence and how you feel. 

Backed By Powerful Natural Ingredients

Especially designed for use around your ‘man parts’ with no nasties. Mighty enough to take on the funk and gentle enough to use every day. Nature’s most powerful antibacterial, cleansing, and moisturising ingredients work to restore balance. Use all over the body for an invigorating and relaxing shower experience. You work hard. Give yourself some special treatment.

  • Tea Tree Oil: Natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps reduce inflammation, heal wounds, and soothe dry skin.
  • Peppermint Oil: Relieves dryness and itchiness, reduces inflammation, and helps to clear acne. Plus, peppermint oil smells amazing – like taking a holiday in the shower.
  • Aloe Vera: Hydrates, heals, and restores. It absorbs quickly as it moisturises and isn’t oily.

Keep your most prized possessions feeling and smelling their best with nature’s triple threat – tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and aloe vera.

All in One Body Wash – Simply Lather and Rinse

Jump in the shower, lather up your body, penis and balls... and rinse.

There are no complicated regimes to follow. This body wash is the multi-tool of the bathroom. Everything your body needs in one. Start the day with a revitalising boost in confidence and comfort, knowing you will be fresh all day.

PH Balanced for Every ‘Body’

Be confident knowing this body wash is not only cleaning you, but it is also restoring balance to your largest organ, your skin.

Have you ever used body wash for dry or oily skin only to discover your skin actually dryer or oilier? This is because it may not have been PH balanced. Many skin care products can throw off the delicate PH balance. When your PH is balanced, a natural film (called the acid mantle) on your skin forms. The acid mantle protects you from incoming bacteria, pollens, and pollution.

Why is PH Important for Men’s Intimate Areas?

Ensuring the PH balance of our nether regions is most important. It is here, in the warm cracks and crevices of the groin area, that bacteria, fungus, and yeast infection are most attracted. If your skin is not strong enough to repel these itchy and uncomfortable germs, you will be more prone to:

  • Inflammation and irritation.
  • Itching and dryness.
  • Infections such as acne.

Use our PH balanced intimate wash daily to help keep your skin clean, strong, and clear of bacteria.

Nature's Triple Threat

The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil & Aloe Vera

Tea Tree Oil

Healers have used tea tree oil the world over for centuries. It is the ultimate multi-tasker. Native to NSW and QLD, the tree is now grown globally for a range of medicinal uses. Besides helping to relieve colds and coughs, it is excellent for restoring nails, hair, and skin. Tea tree oil has powerful naturally occurring properties, including:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral

These natural properties make tea tree oil essential to include in body washes, soaps and skin treatments. If you have any cuts or grazes, tea tree oil, as a natural antiseptic, helps to clear infection-causing bacteria and inflammation. Perfect for the hardworking (or clumsy) man! 

Peppermint Oil

In addition to having that iconic refreshing, clean smell, peppermint oil reduces itching and inflammation. It is also traditionally used to relieve headaches and muscle pain. 

After a long day, this body wash is the perfect remedy for an aching and tired body. 

That’s not all though! Peppermint oil’s microbial properties reduce bacterial and fungal build-up everywhere on the body. Many men get sweat pimples on their backs and buttocks. Peppermint oil can reduce the spread of these irritating pimples and clear them. As such, acne products regularly include peppermint oil.

Aloe Vera

Just about all Australians know of the benefits of aloe vera – particularly after a day spent out in the elements. It is a key ingredient in most sunburn gels and lotions. Aloe vera has incredible restorative benefits. As well as providing your body with much needed hydration, aloe also restores, heals, and moisturises damaged skin.

Using the yellow aloe vera sap fresh from the plant has its benefits, but it is incredibly sticky (and can be pungent). Our body wash has the benefits of aloe vera without the sticky yellow sap component. You do not need to worry about your jocks sticking to your butt when you use our body wash!

Lather yourself up and bask in the greatness of your own manhood. You (and your boys) deserve it.